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If you own a Sunbeam Talbot, we strongly suggest that you subscribe to a email list that presently has about 70 subscriber/owners from around the World that are willing to assist you with Maintenance tips, repairs or suggestions to keep your car on the road. Our cars are now well over 60 years old and keeping them on the road can be a challenge.

To subscribe, visit Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Group and follow the Subscribing procedure and you will receive an automated response which will be authorized and you will receive a Welcome message with directions on how to use this tool. Basically to post a message, you send a message and your message will be automatically distributed to the 70 subscribers willing to assist you.

Recommended Replacement Tires

Recently in August 2012, there was a lot of discussion on replacement tyres (tires) for the original Dunlop Fort 5.50 x 16 bias play tires and all the inforamtion provided but the email list subscribers has been compiled into a Tyres PDF file with a summary and images for you to download and print.

Replacement Clutch Assembly - from Peter Woodall

The clutch is a BORG& BECK 45692/57. Driven plate 47626/50. Release bearing 46890. I believe it's the same as Austin Healey.

Replacement Fan Belt MK II and IIA

I have found that a Gates 20A1155 works well on these cars. I believe it is for a Case backhoe or equivalent and listed in their Industrial catalog.


Automotive V-Belt

Belt Type


Outside Length

45.5" (1155mm)

Top Width

0.88" (7/8”) 23mm

Industry Number


"Kneer" Floor Shift Conversion

George Simpson in Cognac, France (deceased) was good enough to scan five pages of the installation and adjustment of the "Kneer" floor shift conversions made for our cars in the mid to late 50's by F.W. Kneer in Bayside, NY. This document is available for viewing, downloading and printing in Adobe PDF format by clicking here.

Jubilee Clips Used to Secure Rimbellishers (wheel trim rings)

Terry Poole has suggested the following method to secure the rimbellishers using Jubilee clips. To quote Terry:

I used a 3/4" dia. Jubilee clip but any narrow one would do the trick, it has to fit into one of the slots in the trim. (Could be filed to fit.)

I didn't make clear that the captive screw fitting has to be detached from the strip and fitted back on the other end, then the "spare" material cut off where the screw fitting originated and then bent to form a 90 deg. hook about 5/16" long in the direction shown. The hook-strips have to be located in the trim slots, hook towards the wheel centre, minus the screw fitting, then threaded through the slots in the wheel rim, before finally re-fixing the screw fittings and tightening up just so.

Make them all the same size and keep the wheels in balance! I hope the photos make it clear. (
click HERE to view images)

I'd like it to have been my idea but credit must go to my nephew, Martin Street's father, Peter, who sadly died earlier this year, taking with him a wealth of S.T. knowledge.

Substitute MK II Oil Filter Cartridges - (View images Here)

As anyone who owns one of these automobiles knows, the original oil filter cartridges are no longer manufactured but there are a few substitutes available that will fit. Some will slide over the 1/2" center post snugly while others might require an "O" ring to make a seal and some that are supplied by Sunbeam Talbot Spares (Bamforth brothers) in England come with a special stepped nylon top washer and a wide flat steel bottom washer to make the seal. Here is a list of known substitutes:

Wix 51001 (NAPA 1001) - normal 1/2" center hole.

Wix 51010 (NAPA 1010) - normal 1/2" center hole and comes with the correct gasket for the top. As these are shorter that the original filters, be sure the spring on the canister top comes in contact with the filter.

Wix 51099 (NAPA 1099) - has large center hole and is readily available at a reasonable cost. It comes complete with the correct gasket for the top. Requires a stepped nylon top washer and a wide flat bottom washer.

Carquest 85001 - Some of these filters have flat section O rings that do not work. I went to my local hydraulic specialist shop and purchased regular round "O" rings of suitable diameter that work fine. Suggested by Pete Woodall.

Fram CH834PL1 - Large center hole. These are available through Sunbeam Talbot Spares (address above) and require a stepped nylon top washer and a wide flat bottom washer which are provided with the filter.

Oil Filters For MK III - Message from Chris Mottram - (View images HERE)

Here is what I have learned about the Sunbeam MKIII oil filter. It is different than the MK1 and MkII filters mentioned on your website. The MK III filters are as follows:
Crosland 480 (currently available from Bamforth)

Added January 9, 2013

Mike Begg emailed the list to say that a suitable replacement MK III filter is the Fram CH8530 fits and readily available in North America.

Spark Plugs

The Rootes Group recommended spark plug for these cars was a Champion N-8 which is no longer manufactured. The current equivalent to this plug is a Champion 120 (N5C) or an Autolite 404.

Steering Wheel Rebuilders

Peter Woodall (S.T.A.R. representative for Canada and the U.S.) has had great success in having steering wheels rebuilt by Backwards Unlimited in Poulsbo, WA . Contact:

Jim and Ingrid Ellis
4143 Gunderson Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370, Telephone: 360- 697-1471

Email message from Allen Lee, Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004

I have used the following for replacement parts on my 55 Mark III and my 53 Alpine. I thought some might find this helpful and I would appreciate hearing about any replacements you have found that work.
Victoria British
These numbers are from Their toll free number is 1-800-255-0088.
Rear Brake cylinder MGA 7-310.
Points A/H & TR2 53/56, part number 8-222
Condenser, part number 8-201
MGB Rotor, part number 8-238
Distributor Cap TR2, part number 8-260
Heater Water Control MGA, part number 2-7884 (will work except for cable pull)
Front Brake cylinder, part number 7-320, 7-321 (check first as these could be for a MK III only)
Heater Control Valve, part number for Austin Healey 2-749 (pull cable must be operated from Engine compartment)

Moss Motors
Brake master cylinder is the same one that is on MGTD & TF, Lockheed 180-730 & replacement 181-195
Front Brake Cylinders for S-T MK II and IIA and Alpine MK I are the same as MG TD / TF (Moss Part # 180-620)
Carb needle valves, GRN 57371 for the 55 MkIII: GRN 109308 for the Alpine and seats GRN 109513 for both cars from Customer Services. E-mail Address(es):

I also have ordered parts from Sunbeam Talbot Spares which is easier now that they accept credit cards.

Source for Engine Mounts and Stabilizer Rubbers (Bob Hamilton) - (View image HERE)

It appears that these two important items P.82494 Engine Mounts and P.88353 engine stabilizer rubbers are not available or at least very hard to find but I just had 2 stabilizer rubbers made (October 2006) by a company in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia called Himmelman Elastomers who are wizards making anything in rubber. The cost is $50.00 each but this is negotiable if you ordered a quantity of them. They use the top and bottom plates from your existing rubber mounts and vulcanize them using new oil resistant neoprene rubber. Click on their name above to visit their web site. Jeff Himmelman was the person I dealt with. (Revised August 5, 2011)

Sunbeam Lubrication and Maintenance Chart

(Click HERE to the image to see the full chart in reduced size )

I had a scan made of a new "Lubrication and Maintenance Chart" that was attached to the inside back cover of the original Owners Manual and can now provide full sized (28 1/4" W x 21 1/4" H), color prints to hang in your garage for easy reference. They are very high quality, printed by an industrial graphics company located here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, using water based inks so I strongly recommend they be laminated or dry mounted.

The printing costs keep changing because of International currency fluctuations so please contact me before ordering and I can give you a firm price which will include the cost of a mailing tube and postage. In the past it has been in the neighborhood of Can$30.00 unlaminated plus Can$12.00 if you wish to have it laminated.

Another option is if you are a subscriber to the email list, I can send you the JPEG file and you can take it to your local printer to have it printed and dry mounted. If you wish to order one of these essential charts or print one off yourself, please contact Bob Hamilton.

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