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Russell Maddock russell at maddock.id.au
Thu Mar 8 19:16:12 EST 2018

Passing this on in case anybody can help. I think it's probably a 3 litre
judging by the photo?


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Date: 6 March 2018 at 15:45
Subject: 1937 Talbot
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Hi, my name is Glen Mackay, I am writing on behalf of a friend who had his
1937 Talbot saloon stolen, he had it stored at a friends brothers house
during the 2013 floods here in Bundaberg, when he checked on the car
sometime later it was gone, after a police investigation the chap storing
it confessed to selling it at a garage sale to an unknown person beleived
to live in Gayndah, Queensland  (may or may not be true) I have attached a
picture of the Talbot taken in Mount Isa many years ago when it belonged to
his father, it has been stored for some years since he passed away, the car
still presented well although the upholstery needed to be re done, we are
hoping you would be able to give us a valuation of the Talbot to assist in
recovering the value of it, (a better outcome would be to find the car as
it has very much sentimental value to Don as it was left to him by his late
father) the Talbot is a six cylinder, 4 speed with cable brakes.thanking
you in advance, Glen Mackay. Member of the Bundaberg Vintage Vehicle Club.

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