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Derek Cook alpine at sunbeam.myzen.co.uk
Fri Jul 21 04:51:36 EDT 2017

Hi Tom
It appears from my various versions of Sunbeam Talbot parts books & workshop
manuals, that this oil seal was only fitted to Sunbeam Mk 3 models. Your car
is quite a late 2A, which is what made me look into it. 
It's a good job gearbox oil leaks are a fact of life with these cars isn't
it? I don't know anyone that's completely sorted the gearbox to overdrive
joint problem!
Good luck with the work.
Derek Cook, Suffolk, UK

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Mal, Thank you for the very good advise stated below.

After stripping the gear box as described in the W/Manual I find there is no
seal only oil scrolling on the shaft (Bugger), but it is always better to be
safe than sorry,  I will now for future.

For your info my Chassis # A3015363 RSO 023451 so can it be said that
chassis numbers before this would possibly have the same type of shaft
stated with no oil seal, so all you guys who have this type of G/Box do not
park facing down an incline other wise you may strip the gear box and find
no seal.

I was forced to improvise on the dummy shaft as I do not have the equipment,
"BUT" Bunnings our hard ware store has a chrome towel rail the exact
diameter as a substitute dummy shaft, also being hollow it is much easier to
align the shaft when installing after the repair.

As a plus the main bearings have been inspected and are like new, but !! 
the car has only traveled 27,000 miles so it should be good.

Thanks very much for the feed back and I hope the info to day will help
another person along the line.

Best wishes

Perth Australia

On 20/07/2017 6:27 PM, Malcom Clark wrote:
> Hi Thomas the Manual is correct, you cannot extract the front input 
> shaft without dropping the Lay shaft, the  lay shaft gears get in the 
> way of the input shaft gears, and the bearing housing will not allow 
> the input shaft to move up missing the lay shaft,
>   Now more important, are you sure the is a seal there, as some do not 
> have a seal and rely on a scrolling to stop the oil coming out of the 
> shaft, (it doesn't work too well) not sure when they introduce a front 
> seal,
>   A lot of early cars didn't have a front gearbox seal, usually found 
> out when parked nose first down a steep incline
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> Replacing the front seal in the gear box of my ST 11A, reading the 
> workshop manual indicates the lay shaft has to be dropped and then the 
> shaft and the bearing and seal housing are removed, press the bearing 
> out and change the seal.
> Am I reading the manual correctly or can you extract the bearing and 
> seal housing without having to drop the lay shaft and remove as a 
> unit, I only want to change the seal as I have the gearbox on the 
> floor and as a precautionary measure.
> Your valid response would be appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Thomas Jones Australia
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