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Malcom Clark shadow74 at bigpond.com
Thu Jul 20 06:27:12 EDT 2017

Hi Thomas the Manual is correct, you cannot extract the front input shaft
without dropping the Lay shaft, the  lay shaft gears get in the way of the
input shaft gears, and the bearing housing will not allow the input shaft to
move up missing the lay shaft,

 Now more important, are you sure the is a seal there, as some do not have a
seal and rely on a scrolling to stop the oil coming out of the shaft, (it
doesn't work too well) not sure when they introduce a front seal,

 A lot of early cars didn't have a front gearbox seal, usually found out
when parked nose first down a steep incline

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Replacing the front seal in the gear box of my ST 11A, reading the workshop
manual indicates the lay shaft has to be dropped and then the shaft and the
bearing and seal housing are removed, press the bearing out and change the

Am I reading the manual correctly or can you extract the bearing and seal
housing without having to drop the lay shaft and remove as a unit, I only
want to change the seal as I have the gearbox on the floor and as a
precautionary measure.

Your valid response would be appreciated.

Best Regards

Thomas Jones Australia

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