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Malcolm Clark shadow74 at bigpond.com
Wed Dec 28 14:35:26 EST 2016

Hi Everyone I am trying to guide Humberto towards getting the correct number
plate lamp for his Mk2 Talbot, I have asked him to send his photos to this
site so other members can comment, I am not sure where his lamp has come
from but to me it's not correct, Unless it is some strange Lucas lamp that I
haven't seen in 50 years of Sunbeam experience,


This is what I replied to Humberto    Mal Clark


Hi Humberto the lamp in your photos appears to be a made up lamp, it does
not appear to be an original Sunbeam Talbot lamp the chrome cover is wrong
as is the backing plate,

Does your backing plate have any globes/bulbs in it?  If you look under the
chrome cover you have two openings with two screw holes beside each opening
that not correct.

The opening should be a one long opening with the light shining down through
the missing lens, 

 I don't think the opening at the front of the chrome cover is long enough
to fit in SUNBEAM TALBOT wording,

   The chrome cover has three small rivet holes on top that rivets the lens
to the cover, Does your cover have these holes?


Humberto can you send the STAR site your photos?   I think the members will
confirm my observations,

A few Sunbeam owners have attempted to reproduce the SUNBEAM TALBOT lends
with some success,  very hard to get them right with correct colours in the
painting has to be done in stages,

If you want to reproduce I would strongly recommend having an original to
look at first,

Have a real hard think about reproducing when there are the correct lamps
and lens to be had already

   Entirely up to you and not suggesting anything But Bob Stewart can supply
you an original lamp and one of his reproduced .SUNBEAM TALBOT lens

It you can get those photos to the STAR site I am sure my observation will
be confirmed Cheers Mal Clark



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