[Sunbeam Talbot Email List] Sunbeam Alpine MKI Crankshaft Oil Guard

J W im1neng at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 20:02:57 EST 2016

With the initial start of my 1954 Sunbeam Alpine MKI engine, I noticed a
decent leak from the front crankshaft seal in the timing cover.  Given the
fact that I purchased a new seal to be installed, I went searching in the
Parts Manual for a possible source of the leak.  It looks like there should
be an oil guard between the fan pulley and the crankshaft timing wheel.  I
searched through the parts that I received back from the engine builder, I
found a part that may be the oil guard that I noted in the Manual.

I've attached a file that shows the Parts Manual drawing as well as a
couple of pics of the part I found in my bin.

Can anyone verify that the part I found is actually the crankshaft oil
guard?  If this is the oil guard, it was obviously not installed on my
engine and probably a key factor to my leak.

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