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Malcolm Clark shadow74 at bigpond.com
Mon May 4 18:55:28 EDT 2015

Hi Wendy, if it hasn't been open for a while, it will need more turning of
the key than hands can do, put a shifter (wrench)on the key and gently turn
it with the shifter, go back on forth and it will release the two locks one
each side,, when open clean-up and lube the mechanism , should then be ok,
Good luck. Mal Clark


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Hi Guys:  Please tell me there is a special secret to getting the door open
on the spare wheel compartment, I have the T tool and have sprayed all kinds
of release spray in the hole, but to no avail I cant get the thing to budge,
trying to turn left or right, and even seeing if it pushes inward.  Am i
doing something wrong? This is the only part of the car we cant get open,
and cleaned out I think there is something living in there that doesnt need
to be. LOL

Thanks to all who sent advise on the transmission ideas, we are going to
have to sit down and really decide on what course of action to take with it.


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