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Jo, Don't quite know what you have but there should be nine scribe marks on the flywheel. starting from the outer most mark counting towards the centre there should be three long marks then a short mark and finally the centre mark with a length between the others. The middle one is TDC. The marks either side represent one degree increments,either before or after TDC. To verify,remove number one spark plug and insert a long thin rod/screwdiver into the cylinder and rotate the engine using the starting handle until the piston pushes out the screwdiver. When the screwdriver starts to go back in you have just passed TDC. Using the fan to rotate the engine you can then "fine tune" TDC. The mark that is now visible in the aperture on the engine back plate is the TDC mark. Hope this helps. Pete 

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I tried to find timing mark info (on the flywheel) in the shop manual. I believe it identified 5 marks...one TDC, and 2 on either side. On my flywheel, I found 9 marks. A set of six were spaced equally, while a set of three were spaced equally. However, the spacing between the markings in the set of three was larger than the spacing in the set of six. Therefore, the marks were not of equal distance. Is this appropriate marking? If so, why is the spacing different? 


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