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Hi again those fold over flap badges are for the Sunbeam Tiger rear guard emblems which are the same as the Mk3 Talbot front lower guard emblem, regardless of rear fixings I always applied some sealer to the rear of the badge to hub cap, especially the screw post type, the post isn’t all that strong, slight over tighten and the post will leave the badge, and a lost badge, Mal Clark.


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Pete, George is meaning the rear Spats,( those if you like them items,)  they are the typical “Hens teeth items” usually damaged if you can find them. Mal Clark.


  Ps I cannot believe  Rick is selling those badges for $4  couldn’t make  them for that.  even Chinese, to be sure that would be so far out price wise with STS.


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Sean is correct. Sunbeam Specialties in Los Gatos CA has hub cap emblems that will work with very minor modification to the hub cap. The emblems have fold over tabs to secure them instead of studs. Last price I have is $4 each.   Sunbeam Talbot Spares have license plate lens and no doubt would have the chrome cover also. What's "an aluminium wheel cover"?   Pete



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Looking for at least 4 emblems for the hup caps, will take 8
1 lighted sign
1 wheel aluminum cover




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