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Malcolm Clark shadow74 at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 18 17:08:28 EDT 2015

Hi Bob, looks like you need some Snow Tyres for the Sunbeam, Lovely to look
at, but ends there,  Today in Melbourne Aus we are having blue skies and 31
degrees C, with a change later.

    We are coming into Autumn with cool nights and warm days, Perfect.   Mal



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Hi Everyone,

Chilly U.K.? We are in the middle of another dump of snow in Nova Scotia,
the second in as many days and over 50cm, (20") last night and today and
still coming down. Halifax is shut down, nothing open. We'll never see grass
until June!

Hopefully the rest of you are faring better.

Take care,


At 11:17 AM 3/18/2015, Martin Spurrell wrote:

hi malcolm and all,
                              we could both be right , or wrong on this. any
i have done (and there have been a few) have been what we call 'half
leather' that is hide on the important bits and a high quality matching
vinyl on the incidentals, but i wouldn't argue with your findings, who knows
if cars differed depending on availability of materials at the time, or if
export models had different spec. to home market. also in fifty-sixty years
a lot can happen to a car. changing the subject, many years ago a friend and
i had both bought the same first rolling stones l.p. (yes that was a long
time ago)  at the youth club an argument ensued between he and i about 
whether a particular track had a lead guitar solo. we bet each other and the
next week we took our respective albums to the club and played them. two
identical albums bought from the same shop. his had no guitar solo on the
track and mine did! so we were both right and wrong. meantime if david has
his car expertly re trimmed in either choice i'm sure no one will talk about
                                            best wishes from a chilly u.k.

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