[Sunbeam Talbot Email List] Catch A Thief coloring?

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hi david,             technicolor was always a bit more garish than the true colour of the subject being filmed. you therefore have the dilemma of which shade to choose, if you plump for the original factory colour it will inevitably be a more toned down finish. if you want what is portrayed in the movie you would be best to consult your paint supplier who will be able to mix you something to your, and your wife's taste.  i had a similar situation when i painted my '53 mk1 alpine. i fancied doing it in b.r. green. but my wife overruled insisting on a more 'glamourouscolour. i finished up doing it in a pearlescent old english white, not original but if she's happy- i'm happy and i always say ' if pearly white had been available in 1953, they would have used it'. a coat of paint isn't the end of the world and if needed it can always be re done some other colour at a later date.     hope this helps,                              martin.

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> Hello Sunbeam owners and experts!
> Joop Stolze is restoring a 1953 Sunbeam Alpine for my wife and me.  We need to determine the exact paint color and interior leather color.  I hope you can help.
> While I believe that Sapphire Blue and Fawn were the true factory colors, I'm sure my wife wants it to look like it does in parts of the film where it is a shinier blue (Sapphire seems to be a bit darker/greyer).
> I wonder if anyone has any advice?
> Thank you in advance,
> David 
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