[Sunbeam Talbot Email List] rear spare tire compartment

Malcolm Clark shadow74 at bigpond.com
Fri Mar 6 19:37:46 EST 2015

Hi George you should have Bob Stewarts  Sunbeam Talbot parts list apart from
many new and repro parts Bob does have new spare wheel key cover chrome
flaps @ $20 + small freight possibly all up $30 Mal Clark

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  I am looking for the flip cover on the compartment door Also  I have 2
holes on each side of the cover that has never had anything attached.
Anyone know what  should be mounted on them?
Also looking for the a new lighted assembly  Sunbeam light  on the rear of
the car. My original has faded The hup cap emblems -- I could use 4 new ones
I also have a spare grill

George Hummel
Ps. when the car is completed there will be a CD of the complete restoration

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