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also possibly the same as TR3 spare tire door


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If you mean the cover for the lock key the one from an XK120 wheel spat (fender skirt) will work. Available from XK's unlimited. The two vertical holes on each end of the cover are to secure a Brit style license plate. sunbeam Talbot Spares have lenses. KIP MOTORS offer one. Not good but expensive. Sunbeam Specialties in Los Gatos CA have replacement hub cap emblems. Quite good and about $4 each



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Subject: [Sunbeam Talbot Email List] rear spare tire compartment


  I am looking for the flip cover on the compartment door
Also  I have 2 holes on each side of the cover that has never had anything attached.
Anyone know what  should be mounted on them?
Also looking for the a new lighted assembly  Sunbeam light  on the rear of the car. My original has faded 
The hup cap emblems -- I could use 4 new ones
I also have a spare grill


George Hummel
Ps. when the car is completed there will be a CD of the complete restoration


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