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Okay Thanks Steve.  We will try that out this evening if I can work it in.  Going to a banquet tonight.   I’ll let you know what happens.  Oh, do you know what RPM we should see the engine attain at full throttle in neutral?  I can look it up in the service manual but thought you might recall without looking it up.  


As to pinging, STP stops that and the guy who works on my car most of the time attributed that to unleaded gas in this old engine.  I always run to top grade, but it contains 10% corn alcohol regardless, of course.  


What do you think about the other gasoline additives such as the Casterol that was suggested early on to Bob?  Guess we have that here in America, too, since it is an American brand. 

The spark is advanced some to help compensate for the ethanol, BTW. 




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 Greetings Dan

I will bet that Dave is on the right track, These cars by their very design are susceptible to reduced travel in the throttle linkage. They have a weak link in the throttle pedal below the floor that can bend or break over time. (I know, I'm the guy that welded Dave's pedal on the Vermont trip)  To test this, have an assistant sit in the car and hold the go pedal to the floor, then see if you can manually open the throttle at the carb any further by hand, also make sure that the butterfly is completely open. If not, then look at the pedal / linkage and the needed repair should be visible.

 Also I would add that if you are experiencing "Pinging" under load while using Hi-Test gas, with or without ethanol  that the spark timing may need adjustment. 

( does the engine ever "kick back" against the starter when cranking it over? )

 either that or it's possible you have some serious carbon deposits on your cylinder head. Many owners books of that era listed "decarbonizing" as a regular maintenance issue. Maybe Martin can advise us further on that subject ?

Keep us posted

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Here's another simple check, take a look at the carpets, make sure the 
gas pedal can travel to the stop.

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British Invasion, Stowe,    VT and Ethanol in Fuel (long rant)

Hi Dan,

Martin mentioned something that happened on my Alpine at one time.  I 
was following a friend in a later series Alpine on the interstate going 
to a show several hundred miles away.  He mentioned that I was driving 
pretty slow.  We later realized that my throttle cable wasn’t opening 
the carb butterfly all the way.  This was the same car that I just 
drove to Michigan and back last week and after fixing that problem the 
car goes much faster. 

Thats an easy one to check.  Extra plush rugs 
can also cause limited accelerator travel. 

Another cause of limited 
throttle is the pedal sheet metal being bent.  I had that situation on 
my drophead during a trip to Vermont.  (The trip when I first met Bob) 
The pedal is sort of an Achilles heal of the car.  Its made of sheet 
metal and it does bend.  I had the pedal break off completely when we 
took the Alpine to a show in Daytona, FL.  That was a MacGiver moment 
to get the car to a persons house with a welder.

Thats a very likely 
source of your limited top speed.

I also found on this trip that my 
speedo is reading 10 mph below my actual speed.  I downloaded an app 
for my iPhone which tells you your speed and at highway speeds my car 
was 10 mph off.  Its a nice app to verify if the speedo is working 


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