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Sun Jan 26 11:04:21 EST 2014

Kick Panel off, Now I see that this adjustment would not use shims at all.
Looks like a matter of loosening all 12 fasteners, then fetteling the door into
Any methods/tips?


> On January 26, 2014 at 10:47 AM "wes.stewart at sunbeamsaloon.com"
> <wes.stewart at sunbeamsaloon.com> wrote:
>  My DHC has horribly fitting windows. the gap between front and rear side
> lights lets a lot of rain in.
>  I showed pictures to Pete Woodall and he observed that the front window was
> not looking quite right, needed to be further inboard.
>  I set about the task today of making adjustment and made an interesting
> discovery.
>  It appears that the alignment of the door is off.  Looking along the line
> where the door meets the sill, the top is further out than the bottom. No
> wonder the window frame can't line up.
>  The WSM says the (limited) adjustment is done with shims (packing pieces)
> where the hinge meets the door pillar.
>  Pardon my ignorance, but where is that, exactly? Behind the kick panel?  I'm
> not seeing where any shim in the door itself would adjust the top/bottom
> angle.
>  So let's assume this is the trick.  Either the top needs fewer shims or the
> bottom needs more shims. I suppose since you can't go less than zero, we have
> to play it by ear.
>  Comments and experience stories welcomed.
>  WES
>  Fate, TX

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