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Mike Knoche knoche at bigpond.com
Wed Jan 22 17:06:55 EST 2014

Hope you do get a few days to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

We've had good Sunbeaming weather in Melbourne for the last two weekends
(low 20s C) as opposed to the low 40sC we have had for some of the days in
between! Last Sunday a nice short run to Mornington racecourse for the
annual RACV static display of 100s of classics.

Thanks for the tape on the hub cap studs hint. Some time back I spent a lot
of sleepless nights contemplating wrecked diff or shot wheel bearings (all
were checked out) until it dawned that the even clicking sound was sourced
at the hubcap, ie sound disappeared when cap was removed!


On 23/01/2014 1:42 am, "alpine3 at tiscali.co.uk" <alpine3 at tiscali.co.uk>

> Hi Folks,
> Here in Yorkshire, today's temperature has risen to a semi
> tropical (for January) 7 Degrees C. and the sun is shining, so I took
> the opportunity to wake up the Alpine and give her a treat. A quick
> fiddle with the plugs and points, new oil and filter (filtre ?) top up
> the diff, check the water and brake fluid levels ,adjust the brakes and
> grease ALL the lubrication points. I forget how many there are, it's a
> lot but after 30 years I don't count them I just know where they all
> are.While you are under there swing on any bolts you can find to check
> to see if they are loose, shock absorbers have a habit of jiggling
> free.
> A good morning's work and change from four hours,including lunch
> (not a French one obviously) and she's ready for a rare spring outing
> if another sunny day occurs. Once these cars are restored or repaired
> they are not too difficult to keep going, good luck with yours.
>  Quick 
> tip, after a restoration check all bolts connected to newly painted
> surfaces regularly for the first few outings, thick paint can vibrate
> away leaving components loose, the works team lost a few wheels until
> they worked this out. Also, before painting wheels, check the mounting
> studs for the hub caps, they get worn but can be repaired with a little
> weld. Or, like I have because I forgot, wrap tape around the studs
> before you bang the cap on.
> Happy Motoring
> Chris Bryant
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