[Sunbeam Talbot Email List] flex brake lines for Sunbeam talbot 90 MK1

SEAN AND TRICIA JOHNSON healey at communitynet.org
Mon Jan 20 04:02:56 EST 2014

I have a set of brand new flex lines (2 front and one rear) for the ST 90
Mk1.  These will only fit the 90 Mk1 and no other models.  I was sold these
by a less than honest vendor on Ebay who said that they would fit my Mk2A
and then he refused to take them back.


I would hate to simply toss these out.  There must be someone out there that
could make use of these.  I will sell them for less than I paid, I just want
them to go to use.


shoot me an email if there is any need for these.  I am happy to ship these
worldwide.  They should ship anywhere in the US for less than $6 and should
ship overseas for around $15




Sean Johnson USA

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