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Try The C arburettor ( english spelling)  Hospital Ltd in the  UK.  Email chipmork at btconnect.com   Phone 08450614477.  Open 10am-4pm uk time. Don't forget the tim e difference if you phone.  Pete 

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aren't the carbs the same with the exception of the auto choke feature..  I know that the jets are different but the overall bore size is the same (36MM)  one was a DBA 36 and the Alpine was DAA 36.  I thought that the gaskets and the needle and seat for the float level were identical for both carbs. 


sean johnson  USA 


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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season! 


I am hoping the team can help with a few questions regarding an Alpine MK1 Carburetor....specifically, the Stromberg DA 36. 


* Per the Maintenance Tips information on sunbeamtalbot.info , the appropriate parts for the Alpine are '...Carb needle valves...GRN 109308 for the Alpine and seats GRN 109513...'  The document doesn't identify if these part numbers represent the MK1 (DA 36 carb) or the MKIII (DI 36 carb).  I believe that these parts are identified as being available from Moss Motors.  Unfortunately, I am unable to find any reference to these part numbers either with Moss Motors, or even in a general internet search.  I need to locate new needle valves and seats for my carburetor.  Any suggestions??? 


* Previously, I spoke with the Bamforths regarding a carb kit.  Per that conversation, it seems that the kits are very rare.  Even if one can be found, the gaskets will not be in useable shape due to their age.  How has the team handled this issue?  I think the gasket for the float chamber can be made from a gasket material.  However, the throttle body to main body gasket is fairly thick and I'm not sure if I can find a suitable replacement gasket material.  Thoughts??? 


FYI.  I spoke with Kip Motors, but needles and seats are not available. 


I would appreciate any help you can provide! 


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