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Emgeetf at aol.com Emgeetf at aol.com
Fri Jan 10 11:51:20 EST 2014

Hi Everyone,
Wish everyone a belated happy New year.
Now that we are on the subject of Sunbeam Talbot values and other  related 
matters,  can someone tell me what the value would be of the 2  Talbot drop 
heads that have been on ebay for the past 3 weeks out of California  ?  I am 
sure this matter was discussed here before when they came up for  sale a 
few weeks ago but I was not paying attention.  However I need  some input now 
that i am interested in buying these 2 cars.
I think the guy has a buy it now of $ 2495, but according to the  
description they have been in the elements since 1965. He was at $ 4495 but came  
down to the current Buy it now price after the first try on ebay was  
unsuccessful. . I like to buy these 2 cars but like some kind of input of  value 
before i take the plunge.
Thanks  everyone
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