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Hi Derek,

Great information and I have printed it off to hang in my garage.


At 08:18 AM 2/27/2014, Derek Cook wrote:
>The attached might help.
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>Since none of my British standard sockets would fit into the 
>tunnels, I once again went through my toolbox filled with standard 
>and metric sizes.  This time, I was able to find a couple of sockets 
>that were able to remove the valves.  Although not ideal, they got 
>the job done.
>For future reference, here's what I found:
>Pump Discharge Valve:  7/16" Craftsman deep well socket, 1/4" drive, 
>a precision fit
>Pump Check Valve:  12mm SK deep well socket, 1/4" drive.
>With the valves removed, I found that the discharge valve fits my 
>socket identified as 3/16W or 1/4BS.  However, the pump check valve 
>is close, but is too large for this socket.  Therefore, I'm not sure 
>of the true size of the pump check valve.
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>Subject: Carb valve removal - socket size?
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>Can anyone tell what size socket is needed for the removal of the 
>pump check valve and pump discharge valve in the Alpine DA 36 carb?
>None of my current sockets fit.  I probably have the correct size, 
>but I can't tell  since these valves are at the bottom of a couple 
>of fairly skinny 'tunnels'.  I'll need to purchase a new socket, but 
>I would prefer not to guess at the size.
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