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The attached might help.






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Since none of my British standard sockets would fit into the tunnels, I once
again went through my toolbox filled with standard and metric sizes.  This
time, I was able to find a couple of sockets that were able to remove the
valves.  Although not ideal, they got the job done.


For future reference, here's what I found:


Pump Discharge Valve:  7/16" Craftsman deep well socket, 1/4" drive, a
precision fit


Pump Check Valve:  12mm SK deep well socket, 1/4" drive.  


With the valves removed, I found that the discharge valve fits my socket
identified as 3/16W or 1/4BS.  However, the pump check valve is close, but
is too large for this socket.  Therefore, I'm not sure of the true size of
the pump check valve.




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Subject: Carb valve removal - socket size?
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Can anyone tell what size socket is needed for the removal of the pump check
valve and pump discharge valve in the Alpine DA 36 carb?

None of my current sockets fit.  I probably have the correct size, but I
can't tell  since these valves are at the bottom of a couple of fairly
skinny 'tunnels'.  I'll need to purchase a new socket, but I would prefer
not to guess at the size.  



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