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shelby67 at roadrunner.com shelby67 at roadrunner.com
Sat Feb 8 09:19:07 EST 2014

 >I am selling my rust free, 55000 mile 1954 Sunbeam Alpine that I 
> >have had repainted the correct color code #27.  I am presently 
> >detailing the frame to rid of overspray and excess grease after 
> >repair of an incorrect inner spindle seal. New King pins and seals, 
> >bearings repacked, and new brake shoes were installed. I rebuilt and 
> >installed a Ford 5-spd overdrive, rebuilt pressure plate, new clutch 
> >plate and throw out bearing and a new starter. 4 New radial 16" 
> >tires on rims painted body color.  Interior is tan leather, top is 
> >white. I have a rebuilt heater for it and all parts removed such as 
> >column shift and cable shift linkage and stock floor section.
> >Also, @ http://www. britishv8.org, under sunbeam photo gallery, is 
> >another 1954 Sunbeam Alpine I will sell next that possesses a 1991 
> >GT-40, 302 350 hp V-8, aod, & 9" rear. Car is described completely here.
> >I have many parts no longer needed; one complete engine, spare head, 
> >alum valve covers, two steering columns, new ign switches(4), 
> >etc  etc. I attach pics of car.
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