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What's up Terry? Don't you belie ve JW and I 

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Wonderful!  The vent is on the r/h side, as others have said, driver's side in UK of course!! Maybe someone will confirm whether it is always in this spot in relation to the banjo? 




On 23 Oct 2012, at 17:11, J W wrote: 

Attached is a picture of my axle.  I have a screw in the vent hole (see the top of the axle tube), so it can be easily seen.  The picture is taken looking from the front to the rear of the frame.  Therefore, the vent is on the passenger side. 
I saved it in PDF format for size limitations.  I can send the original so that you can zoom, if you prefer.  
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Please put me out of my minor misery and explain EXACTLY where the vent hole is located (I didn't find it). Equally important - can anyone confirm whether it is always in the same place, from one axle to another? 

Chin chin, 

Terry Poole, UK.  

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Thank you for the information! 
>From all of the great information discussed on this forum, I am aware of the vent on the top of the axle.  It's already located!  I think the purpose of that vent is to address pressures in the differental and the axle tubes (up to the inner oil seals).  I was questioning the area between the inner and outer oil seals.  With the Alpine setup of a seal utilized on both sides of the bearing cavity, I don't see anything that would allow pressure to be reduced (i.e. grease to escape). 
I was just wondering if people found issues with the 'real world' use of this system.  Do Alpines have an issue with grease leaking past the seals?  Are there issues with the inner seal being displaced and having the differential fluid entering the bearing cavity?  In any case....If this is a known issue, and I have everything apart, I was thinking I should address it now.  Based upon the feedback, it doesn't sound like this design has caused many people issues.  Maybe the answer is that we just need to be really careful not to overfill the system with grease. 
I appreciate your help! 
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hi jo, 
        the rear axle on all the 90/alpine models is vented via a tiny hole drilled into the top edge of the casing near the diff 
'banjo' i can't quite remember which side but if you can't find it i will investigate further and get back to you. what i will say is they all have this hole and it is prone to clogging up and hard to detect. 
    the rootes competition cars had additional breathers near each end of the axle casing drilled and tapped with short lengths of pipe curving downwards to prevent the ingress of dirt. let me know if you want any further details or photos. 
      whatever you do don't drill any seals, if you think about it these cars have existed successfully without any drastic 
modification to the back hub seal arrangement, if it aint broke don't fix it. 
     i have stripped and built a number of these axles over the past years and all i have done is taken the old seals and/or bearings to my local bearing and seal supplier, asked for identical replacements , fitted them and not had any repercussions. if you can't find the right things where you are let me know and i can get them in the u.k. and send them over to you 
they aren't all that heavy or expensive. 
                                                                hope this helps martin spurrell. 

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One of the steps in getting the chassis of my '54 Alpine back together is to fix a leak from one of the axles.  In attempting to fix my issue, I utilized the awesome Word file that Bob put together and so kindly published to our team (attached).  I would like to suggest an update.  The Axle Inner Oil Seal is identified as a GACO 125268 1/2 (1.25" ID x 2.68" OD x 1/2" thick).  When pulling my system apart, I found that the inner seal should be 2.62" OD.  
Therefore, the Axle Inner Oil Seal is a GACO 125262 1/2 (1.25" ID x 2.62" OD x 1/2" thick). 
I do have a couple of questions regarding the implementation / design of the system. 
1.  When tearing apart my system, I found that the axle bearing retaining nut contacts the inner oil seal.  I would think there should be some clearance between the two.  Therefore, I'm wondering if I should be trying to find an inner oil seal that is slightly thinner...maybe 3/8".  Anyone have any experience with this issue?  
2.  When I contacted the seal suppliers in my area (Michigan, USA), the GACO brand was not available.  Therefore, I utilized the ID / OD to find a suitable replacement.  Unfortunately, as identified above, that seal will not work and I am not having any luck with finding an alternative with the new dimensions.  Any suggestions as to a supplier for the GACO seals in North America? 
And the system design question... 
3.  On the inner side of the Oil Guard, the parts manual identifies an Oil Seal (ref #40, Rear Axle Section) on the Alpine while an Oil Retainer (#39) is identified on the Saloon & Convertible.  In the shop manual (Section G, Page 2), I believe this part is identified as a Hub Grease Retainer.  The retainers are described as '...felt grease retainers which consist of felt rings in pressed steel...'  The section identifies how the system drains excess grease and diverts it from the brake system.  When considering the system with felt grease retainers, I would assume the felt would provide a 'vent' for any excessive pressure by allowing grease to slowly filter through.  With the Alpine system, there are two seals.  I might be missing something, but I don't see a way for the Alpine system to vent any excessive pressure.  If / when the pressure builds, I would think the seals would leak or it might even unseat the inner seal and allow differential oil into the bearing cavity. 
Are there issues with leaking seals on the Alpine due to the lack of 'venting'?  Has anyone attempted to add venting to the system (such as drilling a small hole into the outer seal)? 
Any thoughts would be appreciated! 
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