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Mike Murphy mbmurphy1 at aol.com
Sat Nov 19 21:56:08 EST 2011

Hello everyone,

This is my first post to the list and by the reading that I have done, it
looks like it will be a great resource with an active group of subscribers!

Some quick background, I purchased a 1953 ST Alpine last November and have
started the frame off restoration.  It was in pretty bad shape, but I am up
for the challenge and have so far had the frame repaired and it is now ready
for painting.  The body tub is next and I am hoping to be able to purchase
the sills and other parts from Bamforths to start that phase.

Last month I purchased a 1952 ST 90 that I was going to use as a parts car,
but it turns out to be in way too nice a shape to remove parts from and then
sell.  When my wife saw the car that she had been referring to as the
“Bucket of Bolts” she quickly summed up that “oh no, another project”!   ;=)

So a quick question.  The ST 90 had been sitting in a barn for 47 years and
I cannot turn the steering wheel at all.  It just so happens that the Alpine
has a similar issue such that the steering was frozen also!  Is there a
common malady that can cause the steering to lock up if sitting for decades?
I will tear down the Alpine steering box, but was hoping to avoid major work
like that on the 90?  Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?


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