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Hi Everyone,
This phenomenon  has taken over the whole British, German Italian  
collector car hobby and made it into an industry. Remember the good old days  when 
only enthusiasts  would buy these cars and plenty of them were  available for 
sale even after a few weeks of advertising ? .
 Now speculators such as the one described here jump on these sales to  
make a quick buck and they also drive up the prices of these collector cars  
beyond the reach of true enthusiasts. I am a British car collector and have 
seen  this happen time and time again. The advent of internet  and advertising 
 quickly to the masses has made this into an industry where not only these  
unscrupulous  people can go to the remotest areas and buy these cars as  
well as sell them on websites like this or on Ebay where they can reach an  
optimal auidience with money to  spend.
If you have seen the collector car want ads on websites and on the internet 
 then you know who is behind such activity but sometimes we fall prey to 
these  individuals due to deception or due to pure economic circumstances.
Thanks and have a good day.
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Now that is exactly what we all try to avoid and  really sorry to hear this 
and that there are such greedy, deceiving people out  there. Very sad.


At 07:37 AM 11/8/2011,  STEVE MCGERY wrote:

Hi All,

Not sure if  Malcolm's reply was circulated to our list members so thought 
it best to do  so myself.

Appologies if you have already done this,  Malcolm.

Those dealers certainly are a dodgy bunch.  Over  £8k profit for a few 
weeks storage, if it sells for his asking  price!

Many thanks for the info.

Best  regards,


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Hi all
The 53 alpine (130595706173) was  sold by me to a guy in Market Drayton who 
told me he had been looking for an  Alpine for a long tome and hinted that 
he would treasure it
Only to find  out that he was a Dealer. I asked 17k and accepted 16.5k as I 
wanted the car  to go to a good home
(how wrong can you be)

I did not expect to  see it for sale only 8 weeks after selling it.

If any genuine  enthusiast wants the history of the car over the last 10 
years. Just let me  know  

Last June I drove it over the Alps to  Monaco.


Malcolm brown

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Two Alpines on ebay at  present in uk.

Item Numbers: 120803607180 & 130595796173,  a '55 and a '53 model. 

Anyone know the  cars?


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