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I know that it's a bit late for this suggestion, but for those facing this  
problem in the future, the easiest way to push out a dent in a fuel tank is 
to  seal all the openings and apply air pressure. I have repaired several 
tanks this  way and while it won't always take all the creases out, It will 
usually  straighten out the bottom without having to do anything more 
drastic. I usually  just hold the air nozzle between my fingers and seal the filler 
opening with the  palm of my hand & put the air to it. (it takes 
surprisingly little pressure  to pop a dent out)
You can get most of the creases out by hammering on the crease while an  
assistant holds the pressure in the tank, the air will try to stretch the 
metal  flat and the hammer will shock things into place.
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Date: Wednesday,  November 02, 2011 5:56 PM
  Hi. Talbot and Proper Alpine Owners -As  some of you may know, I'm having 
a tough time getting a BIG dent out of the  bottom of my gas tank, caused 
by someone thinking this would be a great place  to jack the car up. Because 
it's creased badly, it will not pull out from the  outside, nor push out 
from the gas tank inlet or from the gauge entrance.  

On the suggestion from one of our group, I  decided to cut a hole on top of 
the tank, push the dent out and make a plate  to seal it up. This I have 
  The inside of the tank has some surface  rust. I can clean most of it but 
the tank has an inside baffle section on each  side, so I can only do so 
  I would like the opinion of the group on  what I should do.  Clean best I 
can, vacuum it out then re-install it or  try to get a good coating of 
alcohol resistant tank paint inside first? Any  suggestions will be appreciated. 
Regards  Ed

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