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Hello Ed, 

Sometimes it helps to really just simplify a problem - with that thought in mind it is safe to say that "gas" and "rust" just don't mix.........  you have to get the rust out.   The question is, how do you do that. 

Personally, I'm not all that keen on Martin's thought of using the fuel/fuel filter to clean the rust out.  He obviously had great luck with his, but the worry would have to be that some rusted areas will break off sometime in the future - almost guaranteed to be at the most inconvenient time - and cause a break down.   After all the work you are going thru, why have that hanging over your head - there are already enough other potential breakdown problems with our old cars - ha, ha,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Anyway, I faced this very problem with my E-type, and after a lot of investigation I decided that the choices were either to (a) have the tank cleaned, or (b) cut off the bottom, have it cleaned out and replace the bottom.  Luckily, just having the tank cleaned worked in my case. 

I think you have to bit the bullet and go with one of these two choices as more of a "permanent" fix. 

Good luck, 


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hi ed, 
        as ever there is more than one way to skin a cat.  you could swill some of this modern tank sealant/lining round in the tank but one hears so many scare stories i would avoid that.  or, you could drop a length of chain in the tank (keeping hold of one end) and shake the tank about to scrub loose particles free. or cut the bottom out of the tank and get a competent welder to weld a new bottom on. or fit a good line filter in the fuel pipe between tank and lift pump. if the rust is only minor, after a few filter changes the fuel will run clean. i chose the last choice and the filter only blocked 3 or 4 times and i have since done many thousands of miles trouble free. of course if the tank is rotten you would be best having a new bottom welded in. 
         hope this helps,  martin spurrell. 

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Date: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 5:56 PM 
  Hi. Talbot and Proper Alpine Owners -As some of you may know, I'm having a tough time getting a BIG dent out of the bottom of my gas tank, caused by someone thinking this would be a great place to jack the car up. Because it's creased badly, it will not pull out from the outside, nor push out from the gas tank inlet or from the gauge entrance. 
  On the suggestion from one of our group, I decided to cut a hole on top of the tank, push the dent out and make a plate to seal it up. This I have done. NOW THE QUESTION. 
  The inside of the tank has some surface rust. I can clean most of it but the tank has an inside baffle section on each side, so I can only do so much. 
  I would like the opinion of the group on what I should do.  Clean best I can, vacuum it out then re-install it or try to get a good coating of alcohol resistant tank paint inside first? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Regards Ed 
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