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Don Herr donherr123 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 25 11:55:34 EDT 2011

Hi all, I am planning on having two sets of tires for my 55 Alpine- wide whitewalls for a factory look and black wall radials for a "works " look. I will be using original Alpine 16" rims for both sets. I have found two brands that might work for the black wall radial- Kumho Solus KH16 195 /55 R /16 and a Continental-Conti Pro contact 195/ 55 R /16. The Kumho will fit on a 5" rim with a 6" tire cross section and a diameter of 24.4"-the conti will fit on a 5.5" rim(cross section unknown) and a diameter of 24.4". Does anyone have experience with this size-I believe the diameter is ok but I do not know if a 6" cross section will rub the inside splash wall on a sharp turn? Thanks for any advise. Don Herr 		 	   		  
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