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Martin Spurrell spurrellm at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Jul 17 09:28:01 EDT 2011

   the diameter of the prop leg is 3/4in.  the length inc. the pivot eye is 5in. i just went to take a photo and the camera batteries are flat. never had this problem with the old kodak box brownie. next i need my daughter to shop for batteries then get my son to load the pics on to the computer. never mind, we will get there eventually.
             martin. spurrell.

Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 20:26:43 +0100
From: alangladding at yahoo.co.uk
To: staowners at sunbeamtalbot.info
Subject: [Sunbeam Talbot Email List] Alpine seat folding leg

Hello all,
I am in the process of trying to make up the small folding leg that lurks beneath the Alpine seats.
I'm having to make do with a couple of blocks of wood to hold the seats up at the moment.

I would be most grateful if someone could post a picture of the strut along with it's length so I can
give it a go. I have measured the seat frame cross member at 5/8" to which the  clamp bolts onto.

Apart from the small diagram in the handbook I have no further information on size.

many thanks

53 Alpine 

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