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The rear number plate lens and surround can be obtained from STS, the Bamforths.
John Badger

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 By the by, it appears I forgot to "sign" ...
Doug and Adele Duba (and our 1953 Sunbeam "Amelia")
Naples, Florida USA
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ActSolutns at aol.com writes:
Good afternoon all!
>  Jumping into the fray, I'm the fellow that actually purchased the    wood 
>steering wheel.  While I don't believe for a minute that it's from a    genuine 
>"works" vehicle, or that it has any historic significance, it appeared    to be 
>an attractive steering wheel that will fit my 1953 Mark I Alpine.     I realize 
>that it is not the "correct" wheel for the car, but note that it    will replace 
>a cracked and damaged existing wheel (which is also not the    correct wheel!), 
>and while it was expensive, I was looking at spending    the same or more for a 
>replacement.  Am I happy?  I'll let all know    once I see it in person on 
>receipt of the wheel!
>  I've been replacing incorrect parts on my Sunbeam for the past    several 
>months (down to correcting the ash tray inside), and the    steering wheel will 
>be the only "incorrect" bit when I am done.  Most of    the parts have 
>been obtained either through Bamforth's, or on e-Bay,    mostly from the UK.  
>The only parts that I now need are the rear license    plate assembly chrome 
>piece and the appropriate "Sunbeam" lens.  If there    is a subscriber that can 
>help me with these bits, I would certainly appreciate    it!  (I've made this 
>appeal before!)
>  Once completed, I'll start showing the vehicle in shows and events    here in 
>southeast Florida, in the States.  The car has been transformed    from a little 
>used stored vehicle, to one that is (and will continue to be)    frequently used 
>- - and living in Florida, it will be used year round!     Isn't that what we're 
>trying to accomplish?
>  Having said that, I appreciate seeing all of the banter back and    forth 
>among the subscribers, and look forward to meeting anybody that wanders    into 
>our little part of the world!  I've learned much from the STAR site,    and hope 
>to be a productive participant for a long time to come!
>  Thanks in advance to anybody who comes up with a source for the    rear 
>license plate chrome!
>Thank you all and cheers!
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>donald.vosper at btinternet.com writes:
>It      would be interesting to know, if the buyer subscribes tot his list, if 
>>is happy with his purchase.
>>If the price is right and the quality is      good I don't care if he claims 
>>been to the moon and back.
>>Staowners      mailing      list
>>Staowners at sunbeamtalbot.info
>Staowners    mailing    list
>Staowners at sunbeamtalbot.info
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