[Sunbeam Talbot Email List] Wood Steering Wheel

Don Vosper donald.vosper at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 7 06:04:09 EDT 2011

By the way, a while back I enquired about stitch-on steering wheel gloves, a bit more within my present budget.
I have recently found a supplier on Ebay who provides these an I bought one for my 2CV and I was please with the result. They are leather and in any colour as long as it is black and they cost around £18.00 He needs to know the circumference of the wheel and the circumference of the rim.
He calls himself Mr Steering, I think, but I can probably find a link if anyone is interested.
Saw a really nice MkIII, Supreme at Shapwick School Art day yesterday.
Regret I only have the 2cv legal at the moment . Hope to get mine mkIII through the MoT soon.
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