New Sunbeam Talbot, Talbot Alpine and Series Alpine Parts ( as at Mar 2017)

Item Part No. Cost

Brake and Clutch Pedal Rubbers P81524 $15 each

Accelerator Pedal Rubber P82472 $20

Petrol Filler Neck Rubber A36181 $30

Boot Grommet Filler Neck H86165 $25


Bonnet Prop Retainer Rubber A36468 $6 Spare Wheel Lid Arm Seals - Flat Type (up to build no A3013826) H85989 $15 pair Spare Wheel Lid Hinge Dust Excluder Mk2A on H94470

H94471 $80 pair


Alpine & Convertible Coupe Sill Treads A36842 R.H.

A36841 L.H. $160 pair


Saloon Sill Treads Front A36240 R.H. A36239 L.H

Rear Number Plate Lamp Seal (All Holes) P44478, P45221, P44974


Blower to Heater Box Grommet P88135


Hose Elbow Duct to Ventilator 90 P88139


Carby Elbow to Air Cleaner (hose) Alpine Special only P106147


Water Pump Bearing & Seal (suit Mk 2, 2A, Mk1 Alp) See pg 7 WSM


Water Pump Impeller to suit above P88566


Water Pump Kit (2 items above)


Water Pump Bearing & Seal (suit Mk1 Talbot 80-90)


Thermostat Housing 3 Bolt Mk 2-2A-Alp Mk1 P87374


2 Bolt Mk 3, Mk 3 Alp P102580


Escutcheon Lock Operator (Spare Wheel Lid) All Models H90527


Jaw Nut ( Front of crankshaft ) P81647


Tag Washer P104872


Tail Lamp Lens K23739

$40 pair

T Key (Steel) Tool Kit No. 10 Item P82321


Front door hinge pin access hole plug ( Talbot & Alpines 1948 – 57) H86162

$20 pair

Crank hole cover(c/w mounting kit) Late Mk2A, 3, Alp H97839


Oil Filter R105A or ACL11 Suit 90 not Mk3 K19018


Oil Filter Adapter set for Mk3 Sunbeam (adapts to use filter K24477 see below)


*Oil Filter Adapter set for Mk 1-2A 90, Mk1 Alpine to use filter R2069P


*Oil Filter Ryco R2069P


Oil Filter for early Series Alpines and Rapiers K24477


Oil Filter for late Series Alpine and Rapiers 5041315


Series 3 Alpine Filler Neck Grommet 1963/4 2220716


Series 3-4 Alpine Gearbox Plug Carpet 1963/5 2211427


Alp Series 3-5 & Tiger Quarterlight Hardtop Chrome button nut 5240531 grom (complete with grommets). Large 1” or small 9/16” 5240532 nut

$25 per side

$50 full set

Full set of grommets only for above 5240531 X 4


Rear A36242 R.H. $160 set A36241 L.H.

image image

Many Used Sunbeam Talbot parts are also available – too many to list. (Prices above do not include package and posting)

For orders/enquires contact: E-mail: Mal Clark or contact Bob. Bob Stewart,

P.O. Box 43, South Blackburn. Victoria. 3130.

Australia. Ph (03) 9878 4138

* Latest additions to list.